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High-velocity feature of the class I methanol maser in G309.38−0.13

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posted on 2023-05-17, 03:45 authored by Voronkov, MA, Caswell, JL, Britton, TR, Green, JA, Sobolev, AM, Simon EllingsenSimon Ellingsen
The Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA) has been used to map class I methanol masers at 36 and 44 GHz in G309.38−0.13. Maser spots are found at nine locations in an area of 50 ~ 30 arcsec2, with both transitions reliably detected at only two locations. The brightest spot is associated with shocked gas traced by 4.5-ƒÊm emission. The data allowed us to make a serendipitous discovery of a high-velocity 36-GHz spectral feature, which is blueshifted by about 30 km s−1 from the peak velocity at this frequency, but spatially located close to (within a few arcseconds of) the brightestmaser spot.We interpret this as indicating an outflow parallel to the line of sight. Such a high-velocity spread of maser features, which has not been previously reported in the class I methanol masers associated with a single molecular cloud, suggests that the outflow most likely interacts with a moving parcel of gas.


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