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Identification of seven new prostate cancer susceptibility loci through a genome-wide association study

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posted on 2023-05-17, 01:49 authored by Eeles, RA, Kote-Jarai, Z, Amin Al Olama, A, Giles, GG, Guy, M, Severi, G, Muir, K, Hopper, JL, Henderson, BE, Haiman, CA, Schleutker, J, Hamdy, FC, Neal, DE, Donovan, JL, Stanford, JL, Ostrander, EA, Ingles, SA, John, EM, Thibodeau, SN, Schaid, D, Park, JY, Spurdle, A, Clements, J, Joanne DickinsonJoanne Dickinson, Maier, C, Vogel, W, Dork, T, Rebbeck, TR, Cooney, KA, Cannon-Albright, L, Chappuis, PO, Hutter, P, Zeegers, M, Kaneva, R, Zhang, HW, Lu, YJ, Foulkes, WD, English, DR, Leongamornlert, DA, Tymrakiewicz, M, Morrison, J, Ardern-Jones, AT, Hall, AL, O'Brien, LT, Wilkinson, RA, Saunders, EJ, Page, EC, Sawyer, EJ, Edwards, SM, Dearnaley, DP, Horwich, A, Huddart, RA, Khoo, VS, Parker, CC, Van As, N, Woodhouse, CJ, Thompson, A, Christmas, T, Ogden, C, Cooper, CS, Southey, MC, Lophatananon, A, Liu, JF, Kolonel, LN, Le Marchand, L, Wahlfors, T, Tammela, TL, Auvinen, A, Lewis, SJ, Cox, A, Liesel FitzgeraldLiesel Fitzgerald, Koopmeiners, JS, Karyadi, DM, Kwon, EM, Stern, MC, Corral, R, Joshi, AD, Shahabi, A, McDonnell, SK, Sellers, TA, Pow-Sang, J, Chambers, S, Aitken, J, Gardiner, RA, Batra, J, Kedda, MA, Lose, F, Polanowski, AM, Patterson, B, Serth, J, Meyer, A, Luedeke, M, Stefflova, K, Ray, AM, Lange, EM, Farnham, J, Khan, H, Slavov, C, Mitkova, A, Cao, G, Easton, DF, Simon James FooteSimon James Foote
Prostate cancer (PrCa) is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in males in developed countries. To identify common PrCa susceptibility alleles, we previously conducted a genome-wide association study in which 541,129 SNPs were genotyped in 1 1,854 PrCa cases with clinically detected disease and in 1 1,894 controls. We have now extended the study to evaluate promising associations in a second stage in which we genotyped 43,671 1 SNPs in 3,650 PrCa cases and 3,940 controls and in a third stage involving an additional 16,229 cases and 14,821 controls from 21 studies. In addition to replicating previous associations, we identified seven new prostate cancer susceptibility loci on chromosomes 2, 4, 8, 11 and 22 (with P = 1 1.6 × 10−8 to P = 2.7 × 10−33).


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