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Improving droplet sizing methodology for spray dynamics investigation

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posted on 2023-05-18, 20:40 authored by Woo, JJ, Vikrambhai GaraniyaVikrambhai Garaniya, Rouzbeh AbbassiRouzbeh Abbassi
Spray modelling is one of the most useful techniques to characterize engine performance, efficiency and emissions. The size of droplets is one of the key variables that govern the efficiency of combustion of the liquid fuel. This study aims to develop an interactive tool using MATLAB codes that identifies the droplets and their sizes from the image taken with the long distance microscope in the spray chamber setup. In this developed method, firstly the background of the image was removed and then image processing techniques, dilation and erosion, were applied to the image file to refine the image files. Subsequently, circle detection method based on the Hough Transform algorithm with the function of imfindcircles was implemented. This function of the program allows the user to identify size droplets from the image files. A statistical study was conducted with the results automated from the MATLAB program using a different set of threshold values of black and white contrast. The results showed an optimal range for the threshold (black and white) values between 40 and 70. This optimal threshold range was established based on consideration of the correct and incorrect identification of the droplets. The results indicated that the program has the ability to identify the droplet providing size and numbers. The MATLAB program was developed using MATLAB compiler and can be used at different workstations.


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International Journal of Spray and Combustion Dynamics








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