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Investigation of polar organic solvents compatible with Corona Charged Aerosol Detection and their use for the determination of sugars by hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography

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posted on 2023-05-17, 16:04 authored by Hutchinson, JP, Tomas Remenyi, Nesterenko, P, Farrell, W, Groeber, E, Szucs, R, Gregory Dicinoski, Paul HaddadPaul Haddad
A range of organic solvents (ethanol, isopropanol and acetone) has been investigated as alternatives to acetonitrile and methanol when used in conjunction with Corona Charged Aerosol Detection (Corona CAD). These solvents have been evaluated with regard to their effect on the response of the Corona CAD. Three dimensional response surfaces were constructed using raw data showing the relationship between detector response, analyte concentration and percentage of organic solvent in the mobile phase, using sucralose or quinine as the test analyte. The detector response was non-linear in terms of analyte concentration for all solvents tested. However, detector response varied in an approximately linear manner with percentage of organic solvent over the range 0-40% for ethanol or isopropanol and 0-80% for acetone and methanol. The chromatographic performance of the various solvents when used as aqueous-organic mobile phases was evaluated for isocratic and gradient separations of sugars and sugar alcohols by hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) using an Asahipak NH2P-504E column coupled with Corona CAD detection. It was found that whilst acetonitrile provided the highest column efficiencies and lowest detection limits of the solvents studied, acetone also performed well and could be used to resolve the same number of analytes as was possible with acetonitrile. Typical efficiencies and detection limits of 5330 plates m-1 and 1.25 ug mL-1, respectively, were achieved when acetone was used as the organic modifier. Acetone was utilised successfully as an organic modifier in the HILIC separation of carbohydrates in a beer sample and also for a partially digested dextran sample.


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