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Late Wisconsin glaciation of Tasmania

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posted on 2023-11-03, 03:45 authored by K Kier, D Han, EA Colhoun
During the Late Wisconsin, icecap and outlet glacier systems developed on the West Coast Range and on the Central Plateau of Tasmania.
Local cirque and valley glaciers occurred in many other mountain areas of southwestern Tasmania. Criteria are outlined that enable Late Wisconsin and older glacial landforms and deposits to be distinguished. Radiocarbon dates show Late Wisconsin ice developed after 26-25 ka BP, attained its maximum extent c. 19 ka BP, and disappeared from the highest cirques before 10 ka BP. Important Late Wisconsin age glacial landforms and deposits of the West Coast Range, north-central and south-central Tasmania are described. Late Wisconsin ice was less extensive than ice formed during middle and earlier Pleistocene glaciations. Late Wisconsin snowline altitudes, glaciological conditions and palaeoclimatic conditions are outlined.


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Papers & Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania