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Luobuma (apocynum) - cash crops for saline lands

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posted on 2023-05-21, 11:58 authored by Jiang, Liang, Wu, X, Zhao, Z, Zhang, K, Mohsin TanveerMohsin Tanveer, Wang, Li, Huang, J, Tian, C, Wang, L
Apocynum belongs to Apocynaceae family, is known as highly stress tolerant plant genus. Apocynum venetum L. and Apocynum pictum Schrenk, locally known as luobuma in China, are used as traditional medical plants and cash crops, and used for the phytoremediation of degraded saline lands. This review was aimed to critically analyzed the biological uses, salt tolerance mechanisms, and propagation methods of both Apocynum species to highlight the significance of the cultivation of Apocynum as a great opportunity for the vegetation restoration in saline soils in the arid region. In saline area, where arable crop production is nearly impossible due to high salt toxicity in soil, cultivation of Apocynum can reduce the levels of salt in soils and can also provide livelihood in the form of high-quality fibre. Critical literature analysis showed that overall salinity tolerance in Apocynum is associated with the regulation of redox regulation and ionic homeostasis, however their molecular regulation has not been identified yet. Findings such as removal of Na+ from soils and enhanced accumulation of flavonoids and antioxidants in leaves under saline environment, are useful in understanding the complex network of salt tolerance in Apocynum. Moreover, the practical adoption and application of different sexual and asexual propagation methods also play an important role in the successful cultivation of Apocynum in saline soils. To sum up, there are broad prospects for vigorously developing Apocynum industry by utilizing saline-alkali lands and carrying out research on cultivation technology and conservation strategy of Apocynumresources in arid lands.


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