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Macrocrystals of Pt-Fe alloy from the Kondyor PGE placer deposit, Khabarovskiy Kray, Russia: Trace-element content, mineral inclusions and reaction assemblages

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posted on 2023-05-17, 06:20 authored by Shcheka, GG, Lehmann, B, Gierth, E, Karsten GoemannKarsten Goemann, Wallianos, A
Euhedral macrocrystals of Pt-Fe alloy from the Kondyor PGE placer, Khabarovskiy Kray, eastern Siberia, Russia, have a relatively constant composition of Pt 2.4-2.6 Fe, tin and antimony contents up to 0.3 wt.%, and an unusually low content of all PGE except Pt. The millimetric crystals contain inclusions of fluorapatite, titanite, phlogopite, magnetite, ilmenite and iron-copper sulfides. The macrocrystals have a complex gold-rich rim, with four groups of gold alloy: tetra-auricupride (the most abundant gold-bearing phase), Au-Ag (98-54 wt.% Au), Au-Ag-Cu-Pd and Au-Pd-Cu alloys. The inner part of the reaction rim hosts a variety of PGE minerals, such as stannides, antimonides and tellurobismuthides of Pd and Pt. Stannides occur as copper-bearing (taimyrite-tatyanaite series) and copper-free compounds (atokite-rustenburgite series). The main antimony mineral is Sn-bearing mertieite-II. Tellurobismuthides are represented by Te-rich sobolevskite and an intermediate member of the moncheite-insizwaite solid-solution series. The reaction rim also hosts several unknown phases, such as Pd 7 Bi 3 , Pd 3 Bi, Bi 2 O 3 3H 2 O, and a phosphocarbonate of thorium. The coarse crystals occur in eluvial and alluvial placers within the Kondyor massif, a zoned clinopyroxenite-dunite intrusion of Paleozoic or Mesozoic age. The inclusion assemblage suggests that the macrocrystals of Pt-Fe alloy are associated with late apatite - magnetite - phlogopite clinopyroxenite bodies, and possibly formed in a late-magmatic pegmatitic environment. The Pt-Fe alloy crystals have undergone hydrothermal overprint by NaCl-rich solutions bearing gold - silver - palladium - copper, which produced a wide variety of intermetallic compounds as well as Pb-bearing intermetallic phases. The aqueous solutions also had a minor but characteristic bismuth - tin - antimony - tellurium component.


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