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Marine planktonic dinophysoid dinoflagellates (order Dinophysales): 60 years of species-level distributions in Australian waters

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posted on 2023-05-21, 15:17 authored by Gustaaf HallegraeffGustaaf Hallegraeff, Ruth Eriksen, Davies, CH, Uribe-Palomino, J

We reviewed 9350 Australian species-level records and confirmed 64 species of the marine planktonic dinoflagellate genera Dinophysis Ehrenb. (17 species), Phalacroma F.Stein (12), Metaphalacroma L.S.Tai (1), Pseudophalacroma Jörg. (1), Ornithocercus F.Stein (7), Histioneis F.Stein (11 spp.), Parahistioneis Kof. & Skogsb. (4), Histiophysis (Kof. & Mich.) Kof. & Skogsb. (1), Citharistes F.Stein (2) and Amphisolenia F.Stein (8), from the period 1938–2019. The widespread D. acuminata Clap. & J.Lachm., D. acuta Ehrenb., D. caudata Kent, D. fortii Pavill., and D. tripos Gourret have attracted attention as causative organisms of diarrhetic shellfish poisoning in temperate Australian waters. We discriminate between Dinophysis and Phalacroma. We newly report from Australian waters O. assimilis Jörg., Metaphalacroma skogsbergii L.S.Tai, Parahistioneis pieltainii Osorio-Taffal, Amphisolenia extensa Kof., A. inflata G.Murr. & Whitt. and A. rectangulata Kof. We rediscovered Histiophysis rugosa (Kof. & Mich.) Kof. & Skogsb. here illustrated with two cells from the Coral Sea. The ornate tropical genera Ornithocercus and Histioneis are excellent warm-water indicators, reflecting the southward reach of the East Australian and Leeuwin currents, whereas D. truncata Cleve is a cold-water Subantarctic species.


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