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Meteorology records for February, 1870 and remarks on observatory records, with health report for January and February, 1870, and a comparison of the vital statistics of 1869, with those of previous years

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posted on 2023-11-22, 07:22 authored by Edward Swarbreck Hall, Francis Abbott
Meteorological records recorded at the Observatory, Hobart Town. Includes the leafing, flowering, and fruiting times of a few standard plants in the Royal Societies gardens for the month of February, 1870.-The only striking variations from the usual January weather to be seen in the table are: First, the deficiency of ozone, the amount being much below the January average, and less than for any of the previous twelve years recorded; second: Windforce was much above the average with a great predominance from that point of the compass, N.W., most adverse to health; third: though the temperature mean was not in excess, the extreme range in the month was greatly so; fourth: Rainfall was most advantageously above the average, only one January in the twenty-nine years recorded having a greater fall, i.e., 1849, with the small superiority of four-hundreths of an inch.
On the other hand humidity mean was considerably below the average.


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