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Numerical prediction of the dynamic behaviour of two earth dams in Italy using a fully-coupled non-linear approach

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posted on 2023-05-18, 13:18 authored by Elia, G, Amorosi, A, Andrew ChanAndrew Chan, Kavvadas, MJ
The paper deals with the seismic stability assessment of two existing earth dams in Italy using a fully coupled effective stress nonlinear approach implemented in a finite-element (FE) code. The mechanical behavior of the involved clayey and granular soils is described through advanced elastoplastic constitutive models, calibrated on laboratory and in situ test results. Before the application of the seismic motions, appropriate FE static analyses are performed in both cases to define the initial stress state and the internal variables of the material models. The stability of both dams during dynamic loading is proved by inspection of the cumulated horizontal and vertical displacement time histories of the monitored solid nodes, which become constant immediately after the end of the seismic actions. Moreover, the computed crest settlements induced by the earthquakes are considerably smaller than the service freeboard of the dams. Because the applied seismic actions are characterized by high return periods, the presented results are indicative of a satisfactory dynamic performance of the two embankments during extreme dynamic loading conditions.


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