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Observations regarding some economic aspects of the Eisenach social equality programme

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posted on 2023-11-22, 10:10 authored by Robert Mackenzie Johnston
Read By R. M. Johnston, i.s o., f.s.s, Government Statistician, Tasmania.
In my previous contributions to the Royal Society of Tasmania dealing with many "Root Matters in Social and Economic Problems," I have elaborately dealt with questions touching the conditions affecting the production, accumulation, distribution, and consumption of wealth. These, together, occupy too large a field for even a passing review in a simple address, and therefore I have restricted my observations this evening to "Wealth and its Distribution," as at present in the United Kingdom and in the Common wealth of Australia.
The following tabular illustrations haVe been carefully prepared, based upon the most reliable official statistics, with the object of showing approximately the annual value and distribution of all wealth produced, designed for consumption and for the satisfactions of the people. Also showing, approxinately, the result to each class of breadwinners, on the assumption that it would be practicable to Pool, and divide the incomes or eqnivalent products of all breadwinners equally according to the Eisenbach Programme of Social Equality, after deducting the necessary materials (estimated at 15 per cent. of annual products) to provide the government of the social State, with means to create and maintain the existing inanimate and other auxilliary instruments of production necessary to keep up the required standard of comforts and satisfactions.


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