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Palaeodistribution of pygmy-possums in Tasmania

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posted on 2023-11-02, 04:36 authored by JM Garvey, Jamie M Harris
This work is a contribution towards documenting the fossil distribution of the pygmy possums Cercartetus lepidus and C. nanus (Marsupialia: Burramyidae) in Tasmania. We provide locality data and bibliographic sources for 15 Quaternary fossil sites important for these species (i.e., Beeton Rockshelter on Badger Island, Cave Bay Cave on Hunter Island, Bone Cave, Derwent River Shelter 7, Kutikina Cave, Mackintosh Cave, Main Drain, March Fly Pot, Newdegate Cave, Nunamira, Ouse River Shelter 7, Peramerpar Meethaner, seudocheirus Cave, Warhol, and Warreen Caves on mainland Tasmania). Dates available for these sites span the period 3960 ± 60 to 34,790 ± 510 years ago. We also draw attention to a Late Oligocene fossil locality at Geilston Bay which produced an undescribed Cercartetus-like species.
The recorded palaeodistribution of pygmy-possums in Tasmania is widespread, with sites on two offshore islands, and also in the southern, south western, and western areas of mainland Tasmania.


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