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Proceedings of the Royal Society for the month of March, 1877

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The monthly evening meeting of the Society was held on Tuesday, 13th March, James Barnard, Esq., in the chair.
Letter from Dr. G Bennett was read, in relation to fossils sourced from Darling Downs, Queensland, and presented to the society.
The Secretary informed the meeting that the microscope then on the table was presented to the Society by Mr. P. T. Smith prior to his departure for England.
The Secretary reported that the committee appointed at the late general meeting of the Society, for the purpose of urging upon Government the claims of the Public Gardens for an increase of the grant-in-aid, had waited on the Hon. the Colonial Secretary, and had expressed the views of the Society on the subject. In reply, the Colonial Secretary admitted he was fully convinced as to the claims of the Gardens to increased support, and expressed himself as being most desirous to do anything which might be in his power in the matter.
The Secretary laid on the table two copies of the Santa Barhara (California) Weekly Press, with many cuttings from American papers on the subject of Angora wool, together with a sample of the wool itself. The Secretary read a paper "On some South Australian Polyzoa," by F. AV. Hutton, Esq., F.G.S., Director of the Museum, Dunedin; and in connection with it the following note from Professor R. Tate, of Adelaide, was also read.
A "Census, with brief description of the Marine Shells of Tasmania and the adjacent Islands," by the Rev. J. E. Tenison-Woods, F.L.S., F.G.S. F.R.G.S., Corresponding Member of the Royal Societies of New South Wales and Tasmania, etc., etc., was laid on the table.


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In 1843 the Horticultural and Botanical Society of Van Diemen's Land was founded and became the Royal Society of Van Diemen's Land for Horticulture, Botany, and the Advancement of Science in 1844. In 1855 its name changed to Royal Society of Tasmania for Horticulture, Botany, and the Advancement of Science. In 1911 the name was shortened to Royal Society of Tasmania..

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