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Proceedings of the Royal Society for the month of October, 1878

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The monthly evening meeting of the Society was held on Monday, October 7, T. Stephens, Esq., M.A., in the chair.
A specimen of double Epacris, from North West Bay, was exhibited by Archdeacon Davies, who had received it from Mr. H. Buckland. A similar specimen, from the same locality, had been formerly received by the Archdeacon from the Eev. H. D. Atkinson.
Mr. F. Abbott, Junr., exhibited two pretty Orchids, from the Botanic Gardens in full flower, viz., Dendrohium nobile from India, and Leptotes bicolor from Brazil.
A paper was read by the Secretary "On some new Mollusca," supplementary to a former one on the same subject, by the Rev. J. E. Tenison-Woods, F.G.S., F.R.G.S., etc.
A second paper by the same learned author, entitled "On some Tasmanian Fresh-water univalves," was also read. This was a long and valuable contribution, and, with the former paper, was ordered to be printed in the papers and proceedings of the Society.
The Chairman reminded the meeting that a communication had been presented about a year ago to the Society, by the Rev. W. W. Spicer from Professor Owen, in which he expressed his great anxiety to be favored with specimens of the gravid uterus of the platypus. (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) in several consecutive stages of gestation. Specimens killed during the month of September, October, November, and December were much required in order to clear up several points which are still very obscure as to the gestation of this animal.


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Papers & Proceedings and Report of the Royal Society of Tasmania



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In 1843 the Horticultural and Botanical Society of Van Diemen's Land was founded and became the Royal Society of Van Diemen's Land for Horticulture, Botany, and the Advancement of Science in 1844. In 1855 its name changed to Royal Society of Tasmania for Horticulture, Botany, and the Advancement of Science. In 1911 the name was shortened to Royal Society of Tasmania..

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