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Prototyping and evaluating a wearable system for mobile distributed collaboration

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posted on 2023-05-17, 23:30 authored by Huang, W, Alem, L, Albasri, J
We have developed a wearable system for mobile distributed collaboration called HandsInAir using emerging wireless and mobile technologies. This system was developed to support real world scenarios in which a remote mobile helper guides a local mobile worker in the completion of a physical task. HandsInAir consists of a helper unit and a worker unit. Both units are equipped with wearable devices having the same hardware configuration, but running different pieces of software to support the distinct roles of the collaborators (helper and worker). The two sides are connected via a wireless network and the collaboration partners can communicate with each other via audio and visual links. In this paper we describe the technical implementation of the system and present a preliminary evaluation of it. The paper con- cludes with a brief discussion of possible future work for further improvements and new developments.


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