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Provisional aid to the study of the Tasmanian mollusca

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posted on 2023-11-22, 10:38 authored by Robert Mackenzie Johnston
The student of Conchology in Tasmania labours under tnlliny disadvantages, owing to the circumstance that the descriptions of the various species inhabiting our waters are scattered widely in various publications of Europe and America, while nearly half of the number of the principal type species are deposited i n foreign museums, and are therefore inaccessible for purposes of reference to local students.
Before we can rest satisfied with the existing classification of many species there is much careful work to be done; for it is well known that the specific descriptions of the earlier distinguished collectors who accompanied expeditions to our seas, are often too meagre to satisfactorily distinguish or separate them from many allied distinct species subsequently discovered.
It would be well, therefore, to follow the example of New Zealand, in making up a duplicate collection of our shells as complete as possible. and thereafter submit one of them to a well-known European authority like Ed. Von Martins, who would critically examine and compare them with original types in European collections, and submit a critical report for the guidance of local workers.
In conclusion, I may add that this contribution can only be considered merely as a provisional aid to students of Tasmanian Conchology ; but it is hoped it may serve a useful purpose until such time as a more complete work makes its appearance.
Includes artifical key to the families adn classified list of species, also includes tabulated synopsis of classes, orders and sub-orders, and plate.


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