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Public awareness of bowel cancer risk factors, symptoms and screening in Tasmania, Australia: a cross-sectional study

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posted on 2023-05-21, 05:18 authored by Simone Lee, Versace, VL, Kehinde ObamiroKehinde Obamiro
Tasmania has one of the highest bowel cancer incidence and death rates in the world. Public awareness of risk factors, symptoms, and early detection of bowel cancer is important for minimising the burden of disease. This study measured awareness levels of bowel cancer risk factors, symptoms and screening in Tasmania. An online survey of 3703 participants aged 18 years and older found that alcohol consumption, low physical activity levels, and having diabetes were the least known risk factors for bowel cancer. Over half of all participants were unaware the risk of bowel cancer increased with age, and 53 percent were not confident they would notice a bowel cancer symptom. Over a third of survey respondents did not know that screening commenced at the age of 50. The results indicate that a targeted campaign to increase bowel cancer awareness in Tasmania may help reduce the high rates of morbidity and mortality from the disease.


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