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Radio galaxy zoo: New giant radio galaxies in the RGZ DR1 catalogue

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posted on 2023-05-21, 01:06 authored by Tang, H, Scaife, AMM, Wong, OI, Kapinska, AD, Rudnick, L, Stanislav ShabalaStanislav Shabala, Seymour, N, Norris, RP
In this paper, we present the identification of five previously unknown giant radio galaxies (GRGs) using Data Release 1 of the Radio Galaxy Zoo citizen science project and a selection method appropriate to the training and validation of deep learning algorithms for new radio surveys. We associate one of these new GRGs with the brightest cluster galaxy (BCG) in the galaxy cluster GMBCG J251.67741+36.45295 and use literature data to identify a further 13 previously known GRGs as BCG candidates, increasing the number of known BCG GRGs by >60 per cent. By examining local galaxy number densities for the number of all known BCG GRGs, we suggest that the existence of this growing number implies that GRGs are able to reside in the centres of rich (∼1014 M) galaxy clusters and challenges the hypothesis that GRGs grow to such sizes only in locally underdense environments.


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