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Recognition? Trust? Support? Presence? What really counts in early childhood leadership?

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posted on 2023-05-25, 22:15 authored by Boardman, M
Nineteen school principals, twenty-one senior staff leaders (including assistant principals and advanced skills teachers) and one hundred and one Kindergarten to Grade 2 (K-2) teachers responded to a survey concerning the relative importance of thirteen attributes of early childhood leadership. Each participant was asked to rank in importance five attributes of successful school leadership from the thirteen aspects provided. Demonstration of trust and support for K-2 teachers was perceived to be the central aspect of successful leadership by both leaders and teachers. Ensuring adequate resourcing provisions for K-2 education was seen to be the second most important aspect of leadership by teachers, whilst leaders perceived helping to improve teaching practice to be the second critical aspect of successful leadership. Conflicting perceptions between the two groups were seen in relation to the aspects of sharing leadership with K-2 teachers and encouraging innovation by teachers, with leaders placing greater emphasis on these two aspects than teachers. Conversely, teachers perceived that demonstration of positive leadership presence in K-2 and possession of sound conflict and negotiation skills to be crucial to a leaders role in K-2.


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Journal of Australian Research in Early Childhood Education



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