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Reconnaisance geological observations on Precambrian and Palaeozoic rocks of the New and Salisbury Rivers, Southern Tasmania

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posted on 2023-11-02, 06:08 authored by G Dixon, C Sharples
Phyllite and quartzite, probably Precambrian, trend meridionally and dip steeply in the New River Gorge above the junction with the Salisbury River in southern Tasmania. Further upstream an association of silty dolomite and conglomerate is less deformed and may be younger. Siliceous conglomerate boulders occur in the New River below the gorge. Late Ordovician carbonates of the Gordon Group are exposed in the New River valley just above the junction with the Salisbury River and up the Salisbury to Vanishing Falls, above which a sheet of Jurassic dolerite seems to have been intruded along the unconformity between the Ordovician rocks and almost horizontal Late Palaeozoic sedimentary rocks of the Parmeener Supergroup.


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