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Risk analysis of flare flame-out condition in a gas process facility

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posted on 2023-05-18, 03:36 authored by Zadakbar, O, Rouzbeh AbbassiRouzbeh Abbassi, Faisal KhanFaisal Khan, Karimpour, K, Golshani, M, Vatani, A
Flaring is a common method of disposal of flammable waste gases in the downstream industries. Flare flame out (flame lift-off or blow-outs) often occurs causing toxic vapors to discharge. The toxic gases released may have hazardous effects on the surrounding environment. To study the effect of inhalation exposure of these toxic gases on human health, the four steps of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) framework with the field data to quantify the cancer and non-cancer health risks are integrated in this paper. As a part of exposure assessment, gas dispersion modeling using AERMOD and UDM-PHAST is applied in two different conditions of normal flaring and flare flame out during a particular climate condition in Khangiran region. Recommendations to avoid flare flame out conditions are also presented here. © 2011, IFP Energies nouvelles.


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