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Suicide: what the general public and the individual should know

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posted on 2023-05-23, 00:19 authored by Saxby PridmoreSaxby Pridmore, Money, TT, Pridmore, W

Background: The predominant, current western view is that all suicide is the result of mental disorder. This view is much too narrow and does not admit extensive information regarding the social, economic, and forensic factors (among many others) which may contribute to completed suicide. A consequence of this narrow view is that prevention strategies mainly focus on the detection and treatment of mental disorder. A preferred approach is to place greater emphasis on public health approaches to suicide prevention.

Objective: To develop and suggest a body of information which may be useful in a public health approach to suicide.

Conclusion: It is suggested that the following be available to the general public: i) suicide is a fact of life which should be minimised, ii) suicide has many different triggers, iii) most people who take their lives are able to make decisions, and iv) increased public discussion and understanding of suicide is desirable. Five pieces of information that may be useful to those contemplating suicide include: i) don’t murder the part of you that wants to live, ii) suicide actions may leave you alive but disabled, iii) suicide hurts other people, iv) suicidal impulses do pass if you hold on, and v) suicide is a waste.


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