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Tests of General Relativity with GW170817

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posted on 2023-05-21, 11:02 authored by Abbott, BP, Abbott, R, Karelle SiellezKarelle Siellez, Zweizig, J
The recent discovery by Advanced LIGOand AdvancedVirgo of a gravitational wave signal from a binary neutron star inspiral has enabled tests of general relativity (GR) with this new type of source. This source, for the first time, permits tests of strong-field dynamics of compact binaries in the presence of matter. In this Letter, we place constraints on the dipole radiation and possible deviations from GR in the post-Newtonian coefficients that govern the inspiral regime. Bounds on modified dispersion of gravitational waves are obtained; in combination with information from the observed electromagnetic counterpart we can also constrain effects due to large extra dimensions. Finally, the polarization content of the gravitational wave signal is studied. The results of all tests performed here show good agreement with GR.


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