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The HIPASS catalogue - II. Completeness, reliability and parameter accuracy

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posted on 2023-05-16, 19:46 authored by Zwaan, MA, Meyer, MJ, Webster, RL, Staveley-Smith, L, Drinkwater, MJ, Barnes, DG, Bhathal, R, de Blok, WJG, Disney, MJ, Ekers, RD, Freeman, KC, Garcia, DA, Gibson, BK, Harnett, J, Henning, PA, Howlett, M, Jerjen, H, Kesteven, MJ, Kilborn, VA, Knezek, PM, Koribalski, BS, Mader, S, Marquarding, M, Minchin, RF, O'Brien, J, Oosterloo, T, Pierce, MJ, Price, RM, Putman, ME, Ryan-Weber, E, Ryder, SD, Sadler, EM, Stevens, JB, Stewart, IM, Stootman, F, Waugh, M, Wright, AE
The H I Parkes All Sky Survey (HIPASS) is a blind extragalactic HI 21 -cm emission-line survey covering the whole southern sky from declination -90° to +25°. The HTPASS catalogue (HICAT), containing 4315 H I-selected galaxies from the region south of declination +2°, is presented in Meyer et al. (Paper I). This paper describes in detail the completeness and reliability of HICAT, which are calculated from the recovery rate of synthetic sources and follow-up observations, respectively. HICAT is found to be 99 per cent complete at a peak flux of 84 mJy and an integrated flux of 9.4 Jy km s -1. The overall reliability is 95 per cent, but rises to 99 per cent for sources with peak fluxes >58 mJy or integrated flux >8.2 Jy km s -1. Expressions are derived for the uncertainties on the most important HICAT parameters: peak flux, integrated flux, velocity width and recessional velocity. The errors on HICAT parameters are dominated by the noise in the HIPASS data, rather than by the parametrization procedure.


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