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The Jebel Ohier deposit—a newly discovered porphyry copper–gold system in the Neoproterozoic Arabian–Nubian Shield, Red Sea Hills, NE Sudan

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posted on 2023-05-18, 20:30 authored by Bierlein, FP, McKeag, S, Reynolds, N, Bargmann, CJ, Bullen, W, Murphy, FC, Al-Athbah, H, Brauhart, C, Potma, W, Sebastien MeffreSebastien Meffre, McKnight, S
Ongoing exploration in the Red Sea Hills of NE Sudan has led to the identification of a large alteration–mineralization system within a relatively undeformed Neoproterozoic intrusive–extrusive succession centered on Jebel Ohier. The style of mineralization, presence of an extensive stockwork vein network within a zoned potassic-propylitic-argillic-advanced argillic-altered system, a mineralization assemblage comprising magnetite-pyrite-chalcopyrite-bornite (±gold, silver and tellurides), and the recurrence of fertile mafic to intermediate magmatism in a developing convergent plate setting all point to a porphyry copper–gold association, analogous to major porphyry Cu–Au–Mo deposits in Phanerozoic supra-subduction settings such as the SW Pacific. Preliminary U–Pb age dating yielded a maximum constraint of c. 730 Ma for the emplacement of the stockwork system into a significantly older (c. 800 Ma) volcanic edifice. The mineralization formed prior to regional deformation and accretion of the host terrane to a stable continental margin at by c. 700 Ma, thus ensuring preservation of the deposit. The Jebel Ohier deposit is interpreted as a relatively well-preserved, rare example of a Neoproterozoic porphyry Cu–Au system and the first porphyry Cu–Au deposit to be identified in the Arabian–Nubian Shield.


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