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The VSOP 5 GHz AGN Survey I. Compilation and Observations

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posted on 2023-05-16, 12:40 authored by Hirabayashi, H, Fomalont, EB, Horiuchi, S, Lovell, JEJ, Moellenbrock, GA, Inoue, M, Burke, BF, Dewdney, PE, Gurvits, LI, Kobayashi, H, Jauncey, DL, Murata, Y, Peter McCullochPeter McCulloch, Preston, RA, Avruch, IM, Edwards, PG, Dougherty, SM, Scott, WK, Frey, S, Paragi, Z, Kovalev, YA, Popov, M, Romney, JD, Schilizzi, RT, Shen, ZQ, Nicolson, G, Quick, J, Costa, ME, Dodson, R, Reynolds, JE, Tzioumis, AK, Tingay, SJ, Hong, XY, Liang, SG, Huang, XY, Wei, WR, Trigilio, C, Tuccari, G, Nakajima, J, Kawai, E, Umemoto, T, Miyaji, T, Fujisawa, K, Kawaguchi, N, Kus, A, Ghigo, F, Salter, C, Ghosh, T, Kanevsky, B, Slysh, V, Gunn, A, P Burgess, Carlson, B, Del Rizzo, D, Taylor, R, Cannon, W, Kameno, S, Shibata, KM, Benson, J, Flatters, C, Hale, A, Lewis, C, Langston, G, Minter, A, Miller, K, Smith, J, Wietfeldt, R, Altunin, V, Meier, DL, Murphy, DW, Resch, G, Lister, ML, Piner, BG, Jenkins, R, Border, J, Gimeno, J
© 2000 Astronomical Society of Japan. The VSOP mission is a Japanese-led project to image radio sources with sub-milliarcsec resolution by correlating the signal from the orbiting 8-m telescope, HALCA, with a global array of telescopes. Twenty-five percent of the scientific time of this mission is devoted to a survey of 402 bright, small-diameter extra-galactic radio sources at 5 GHz. The major goals of the VSOP Survey are statistical in nature: to determine the brightness temperature and approximate structure; to provide a source list for use with future space VLBI missions; and to compare radio properties with other data throughout the EM spectrum. This paper describes: the compilation of a complete list of radio sources associated with active galactic nuclei (AGN); the selection of the subsample of sources to be observed with VSOP; the extensive ground resources used for the Survey; the status of the observations as of 2000 July; the data-analysis methods; and several examples of results from the VSOP Survey. More detailed results from the full sample will be given in future papers.


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