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The effect of time and site on incidence and spread of pruning-related decay in plantation-grown Eucalyptus nitens

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posted on 2023-05-25, 23:14 authored by Barry, KM, Hall, MF, Mohammed, CL
Quantitative information on stem decay in eucalypt plantations grown for solid wood products, with consideration of the effect of site, pruning, and spread of decay with time, is required for the prediction of harvest yield and quality. A trial at three Eucalyptus nitens (Dean & Maiden) Maiden plantations in Tasmania revealed that the effect of time on the number and size of decay columns was substantially greater than the effect of site or of whether trees were pruned or not. Length of decay columns was 3.4-fold greater on average for the trees assessed 5.5 years after pruning than at 1 year. All decay columns in pruned trees were restricted to the knotty core, and the amount of decay-free clearwood increased over time. A controlled wounding trial showed that decay in sapwood was not significantly different in length with site but was mainly determined by the fungal species used. Ongoing research to monitor the spread of decay in pruned plantation-grown E. nitens will be important to enable prediction of the future impact of decay on harvest yields of solid wood products.


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