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The flora of Township Lagoon Nature Reserve and its management, Tunbridge, Tasmania

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posted on 2023-11-02, 05:04 authored by A Zacharek, L Gilfedder, S Harris
Township Lagoon Nature Reserve is 16 ha of remnant native grassland in the lowest rainfall area of Tasmania. A high proportion of rare and threatened species occurs within the reserve. They comprise four endangered species, including three endangered at the national level, four vulnerable species and eight rare species, seven of the above being daisies. There is a strong floristic affinity with the semi-arid mallee ground flora in northwestern Victoria and western New South Wales. The small grassland remnant comprises five floristic communities, the principal influences on floristic variation being exerted by soil factors, such as geology, pH and drainage, and past history of mechanical disturbance and rubbish dumping. Active conservation management, that is favourable to the continued existence of vulnerable and rare species, promotes normal ecosystem functions and prevents threatening processes, is essential.


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