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The luminescence of Sm2+ in alkaline earth borophosphates

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posted on 2023-05-17, 20:12 authored by Zeng, Q, Nathan KilahNathan Kilah, Riley, M
The temperature-dependent luminescence of Sm2+ ions in MBPO5 (M = Ca2+, Sr 2+, Ba2+ was studied. At low temperature, Sm2+ in this series shows 4f6-4f6 luminescence with only a single emission line observed for the 5D07F0 transition, revealing that only one crystallographic cationic site is available for Sm2+ in all the hosts. With increasing temperature, the emission intensity of the 5D07F0 transition increases whereas that of the 5D07F1 transitions decreases. The 5D17F0 transitions of Sm2+ were observed in BaBPO5 and its intensity increases with increasing temperature. At 450 K, a broad band of the 4f55d-4f6 luminescent transition of Sm2+ in SrBPO5 and BaBPO5 with maximum at ~600 nm appears due to the thermal population. The lifetime of the 5D07F0 transition was recorded at different temperatures, showing a single exponential decay for Sm2+ in SrBPO5 and BaBPO5 but a nonsingle- exponential decay in CaBPO5.


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