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The stratigraphy of a Late Palaeozoic borehole section at Douglas River, eastern Tasmania: a synthesis of marine macro-invertebrate and palynological data

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posted on 2023-11-02, 05:41 authored by EM Truswell, MJ Clarke, CR Calver
A section 236.8 m in thickness of Late Palaeozoic (Late Carboniferous-Permian) rocks of the Lower Parmeener Super-Group was encountered in a borehole at Douglas River, eastern Tasmania. Lithological, marine macro-invertebrate and palynological data are documented and collated. The section displays many similarities with sequences elsewhere in eastern and northeastern Tasmania, but is unusual in the development of rocks (including Tasmanites shale) as old as Early Tamarian. This occurrence may indicate a narrow, but significant east-west breaching of the land barrier which persisted throughout the Tamarian over most of eastern and northeastern Tasmania. Acritarch swarms coeval with sedimentation occur at intervals, whereas other acritarchs may be derived from earlier Palaeozoic rocks. The Tasmanian Late Permian palynofloras lack diversity and resemble those from the Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica, rather than those from elsewhere in eastern Australia.


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