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Profs' Phonics

posted on 2023-05-25, 01:34 authored by Fielding-Barnsley, RO, Ian HayIan Hay, Horton, M, Allen, R, Walkem, NJ
Profs' Phonics invites 3 to 7 year old children to explore detailed paintings for words that start with a particular sound. Children will come to understand that words may start with the same sound that is represented by a letter of the alphabet. This is known as 'cracking the alphabetic code' and is essential for children to be able to understand the reading process. Profs' Phonics has been developed by Professors Ruth Fielding-Barnsley and Ian Hay as a result of their research into how children learn to read. Features: - Learning about the individual sounds in words (phonemic awareness). - Learning through detailed observation, animation, sound and touch. - Visual and auditory feedback of identified words, allowing for recognition of words. - Contrasting incorrect words to discriminate between learned sounds (s,t,l,p,a). - Based on the findings of The Independent Rose Review of the Teaching of Early Reading in the UK ( - Feedback on the number of correct words that your child has found in each poster. - The ability to teach your child their first words made up of the learned sounds. - Extends your child's vocabulaty with the inclusion of 139 words. - Ideal as story and conversation starters.



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