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posted on 2023-05-28, 18:14 authored by Sale, AHJ, McGee, C
This entry is that of the software of the Tasmania Statistics package for EPrints, and accompanying documentation. The package has been updated following its implementation at the University of Otago. For a sample of the statistics and how they work, see the UTas site itself (link at bottom of any metadata page, or link 'Detailed Statistics' towards the bottom of the entry page). The software is provided under a GNU Open Source licence. It may be freely modified by the user. We only ask that the source (University of Tasmania) be acknowledged, and that you do not redistribute the package without asking us. Instead redirect queries to this page or to Thanks to Nigel Stanger at Otago University for suggestions and corrections. We would appreciate an email notification by anyone who instals this package, so we can keep records of where it is used. Bug reports are not welcome of course, but please send them anyway. The entry also contains instructions for interfacing the awstats open source package to EPrints. Again, see the University of Tasmania site for an example; see at the bottom of the entry page. This section has not changed from the previous version.




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