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The seat of the soul: on the inner and the outer, embodyment

posted on 2023-05-28, 06:33 authored by Stamm, M
Marcelo Stamm has been head of the UTas School of Philosophy since mid 2005. His research has had a double focus on problems of metaphysics, (cognitive horizons, demarcation lines, inner/outer and inside/outside) on the one hand and the theory of the mind and subjectivity, creativity and self-consciousness on the other. He has pursued these within the philosophical tradition of German Idealism and Wittgenstein. The aim of his presentation is to give an account of situatedness and embodiment, and provide an understanding of the human being as a be-souled creature, juxtaposed to machines. Are there ways to understand a specific dialect of "the inner" and "the outer" in relation to the liminal nature of the alleged demarcation line between "inside" and "outside" and how is this crucial to an understanding of human creativity?"



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