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An attempt to measure the volume of a tree-trunk

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posted on 2023-05-28, 01:27 authored by Ferenc AcsFerenc Acs
The Aim of this exercise is to learn and test the ArchiCADv20 , Rhino3Dv5/Grasshopper v.09.0076 software in order to be able to model objects and obtain various data such as ‚Äö Surface Areas and ‚Äö Volumes of a model. The Rhino (RH) is directly linked to Grasshopper (GH) software, the ArchiCAD (AC) is linked to this real-time collaboration of software occasionally. The RH is a freeform 3D modeler software (McNeel-Europe-SL 2016), the GH is a graphical-algorithm editor issued by the same software manufacturer. The ArchiCAD is a CAD software used predominantly by architects.



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