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Get Bill Smart: Detailed Study Report

posted on 2023-05-25, 19:17 authored by Rooney, M, Watson, S, Phillipa WatsonPhillipa Watson
This report, The Detailed Study, provides in-depth examination of participant households and the change that occurred for these households after Get Bill Smart (GBS) program involvement. The report presents the methods and findings from qualitative and quantitative detailed research conducted with 51 of the households involved in the broader GBS project. The aim of The Detailed Study is to gain further insight into energy efficiency and thermal comfort behaviours through more nuanced understanding of the conditions that householders experience, the changes (outcomes) that occur over the GBS study period, key influences affecting those changes, and trade-offs made between energy use and comfort.


Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency


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University of Tasmania; Sustainable Living Tasmania




School of Social Sciences


University of Tasmania; Sustainable Living Tasmania

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Hobart, Tasmania

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Residential energy efficiency; Other health not elsewhere classified