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Indigenous engagement with science: towards deeper understandings

posted on 2023-05-25, 19:45 authored by Milroy, J, Radoll, P, Jenkins, M, Kennett, R, J Douglas, Poelina, A, Gower, G, Fletcher, M, Walker, J, Greg LehmanGreg Lehman
Key findings

The Expert Working Group on Indigenous Engagement with Science recognises the urgency of increasing the engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the development and communication of sciences in Australia. An important step in achieving this is understanding and valuing Indigenous knowledge systems, acknowledging the significant contribution that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have already made to the development of science in Australia, and sharing this within the Indigenous community as well as with the scientific and broader Australian community.

In our preliminary scoping study of this area, the Expert Working Group agreed that the interaction between Indigenous Australians, science and the broader science community is lacking in many areas and from all sides. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have unique knowledge systems that can contribute to all fields of scientific endeavour, including science-based activities such as the management of Australia's natural resources. While it was evident to the Expert Working Group that Indigenous knowledge systems have contributed significantly to research in Australia in the past and continue to do so today, it was also evident that this contribution is not always acknowledged or valued appropriately as a 'scientific' contribution. While Indigenous knowledge systems contain a wealth of scientific information their development is often poorly resourced in Indigenous communities as well as in the wider community and the transfer of traditional knowledge and skills to future generations is critically threatened.

The major issue of maintaining Indigenous knowledge systems is not simply an issue of science engagement—it is an issue of national significance for all Australians. This Expert Working Group would like to emphasise the need for large, ongoing and systemic change to ensure the ongoing health of Indigenous knowledge systems. While there was a degree of consultation and opportunity for public comment during the process of developing this report, it was strongly agreed by the members of the Expert Working Group that the interests of remote Indigenous communities would not be met by attempting a full and broad consultation within the time and resources available to the Group. Rather, it will be essential to undertake future, dedicated work to ensure that traditional knowledge holders and language speakers are able to participate in a meaningful way in augmenting and implementing the recommendations of this report.

Urgent action is therefore required across a range of initiative areas. The Expert Working Group considers these areas also present significant opportunities for government and industry to engage with Indigenous people in a way that will maximise the potential for increased productivity across a wide range of scientific activity. The most challenging recommendations refer to the urgent need to conserve and prevent further loss of Indigenous knowledge. Critical enabling actions will require urgent application of resources to: protecting Indigenous languages; recognition of knowledge holders by tertiary education institutions and industries; facilitating knowledge and skill sharing between researchers and communities; and providing opportunities for Indigenous knowledge to generate economic benefit for Indigenous communities while protecting Indigenous cultural interests.

The Expert Working Group has made 12 recommendations to strengthen Indigenous engagement in science. To be successful, the changes and actions recommended will need to be owned by both Indigenous communities and the broader scientific communities.


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