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Moving Towards the USDA Food Guide Pyramid Food: Evidence from Household Food Group Choice in Vietnam

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posted on 2023-06-23, 03:41 authored by Ngwenya, E

Consumption choices and behaviour of households influence well-being and demand for food products. For healthy eating and well-being households make choices such that the recommended daily calories are met. Such household choices are generally informed by a Food Guide (FG). Evidence suggests that households’ daily calorie intake may differ significantly from that suggested by their FG. In this paper, the extent to which Vietnamese households’ consumption choices follow the US FGP guidelines is examined Factors that determine the number of FGP food items and food groups, chosen by households in Vietnam, are identified. Data from the Vietnamese Living Standards Survey (VLSS), for the periods 1992/93, 1997/98, 2002 and 2004 are used. In addition, household consumption choices are
analysed using a binary logit frameworks. Six food groups, namely: breads, cereals, rice and pasta (F1), fruits (F2), vegetables (F3), meats, poultry, dry beans, eggs and nuts (F4); milk and milk products (F5); and, fats, oils), drinks, sweets and cakes (F6), are considered.
Preliminary results suggest that the demographic and regional characteristics determine the number of FGP food groups chosen, and the number of food items consumed by Vietnamese households over the period 1992-2004. The observed changes in food group choices over the four survey periods have implications for calorie intake and expenditure poverty, malnourishment, income and wealth generation in Vietnam.



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