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Tasmania's coastal reefs: deep reef habitats and significance for finfish production and biodiversity

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posted on 2023-11-24, 00:24 authored by Jeremy LyleJeremy Lyle, Nicole HillNicole Hill, Neville BarrettNeville Barrett, Vanessa LucieerVanessa Lucieer, R Thomson, Justin HullsJustin Hulls, Graeme EwingGraeme Ewing

Tasmania’s coastal reef habitats support important commercial and recreational fisheries and while the shallow inshore fish communities have been studied extensively, there have been relatively few studies conducted at depths below about 20 m. These deeper reef fish communities and their associations with habitat characteristics are thus poorly described. The present study was initiated the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies to address this gap with a focus on commercially and recreationally important reef species and the contribution of the deep reef habitats for fisheries production.

This study surveyed fish communities associated with two large patches of coastal reef that had been mapped previously using high-resolution multibeam acoustics. The reefs, located on the east and south coasts of Tasmania, are the focus of important commercial and recreational fisheries. The surveys utilised underwater video methods, including baited remote underwater video (BRUV) and remotely operated vehicle (ROV), as well as gillnets. Patterns in community composition, interactions between species and relationships with reef characteristics were described using multivariate statistical analyses. This information was assessed for its utility to develop predictive distribution and abundance maps of key species.


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