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The Cuthill Family Foundation Early Years Literacy Roundtables: Discussions and Recommendations

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posted on 2023-11-29, 01:00 authored by Lauren ArmstrongLauren Armstrong, Victoria Carrington, Iris Duhn, Sarita Galvez Donoso

Early years literacies encompass a vital area of development that can impact lifelong outcomes. This remains an issue for children and adults at global, national and local levels – including lutruwita Tasmania, where low literacy rates endure. It is acknowledged that research, policy initiatives and agendas are often influenced by social, economic, cultural and political conditions and positions. As a result, diverse perceptions and approaches can shape the work of literacy advocates across various sectors, such as education, health, family, community and Indigenous services. There is a growing need for literacy advocates to identify the strengths and barriers to literacy learning, and develop strong and collaborative partnerships to address existing challenges.

This Report conveys findings from an Early Years Literacy Roundtables event undertaken by the Early Years Living Lab and School of Education (University of Tasmania) in partnership with The Cuthill Family Foundation during National Literacy and Numeracy Week 2023. The Roundtables took place over two consecutive days upon lutruwita country in Launceston, Tasmania. Important members from early childhood education and care [ECEC], education, health, Indigenous, family and community sectors came together to explore diverse early years literacies and how these approaches can support strong beginnings for Tasmanian children, families and communities. 

The Roundtables raised meaningful questions concerning how early years literacies are being defined, purposed and made visible. Panel Experts and Participants shared their diverse perceptions and lived experiences of early years literacies. These significant perceptions and experiences have been methodically documented and analysed by the Roundtables curators from the University of Tasmania’s Early Years Living Lab. This report offers some contextual background, along with key discussions, findings and recommendations from this important event. It is anticipated that the Roundtables event and the subsequent Report can continue the momentum and inspire greater action through the development of interdisciplinary partnerships and approaches for improving early years literacy outcomes across lutruwita Tasmania. 


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