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The path less travelled: VET articulation in Tasmania Final Report

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posted on 2023-05-25, 06:15 authored by Langworthy, AI, Johns, SM, Melissa Humphries

This study reports on the pathways of students admitted to the University of Tasmania (UTAS) on the basis of previous VET, over a period of 7.5 years, from 2004 to semester one 2011. The study used a mixed methods approach, combining statistics collected from admission and enrolment data from UTAS and completion data from the VET sector (Tasmanian TAFE and subsequently the Tasmanian Polytechnic and Tasmanian Skills Institute) from 2003−2010, with qualitative data from a sample of current UTAS and current Tasmanian Polytechnic/Tasmanian Skills Institute students. Sources of qualitative data were focus group and individual interviews with a sample of current UTAS students (HREC, approval no. H11280) and open-ended questionnaires completed by a sample of current Tasmanian Polytechnic/Tasmanian Skills Institute students.

The study concluded that delivering the desired outcomes of greater and more successful participation in Tasmania will require concerted effort. It is recommended that funding be sought for a minimum three year partnership project. This project would include but not be restricted to:

1. A review of the Double Advantage program to:

  • wherever possible apply credit consistently and in compliance with the AQF;
  • include pathways to VET (Tasmanian Polytechnic and Tasmanian Skills Institute/complementary awards; and
  • clarify consistent block credit provided into current courses approved for general entry consistent with the AQF.

2. Development of a collaborative marketing program that promotes higher level education and increased participation.

3. Development of a UTAS enabling program that can be delivered by distance or collaboratively with VET teachers which will provide a bridge to University.

4. Development of joint and dual awards in skills priority areas within the context of a clear pilot and implementation strategy.


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