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Transcranial magnetic stimulation and movement of aneurysm clips

posted on 2023-05-25, 21:14 authored by Saxby PridmoreSaxby Pridmore, Lawson, F
  • The safety of treating people who have intracranial titanium aneurysm clips with TMS has received little attention.
  • We suspended a titanium clip and other metal comparators on 1.5 m of sewing cotton and fired a TMS coil placed less than 1 cm away, at 100% machine output. Highly magnetic objects moved at least 25 cm, while the titanium clip did not move.
  • We placed the clip and a highly magnetic comparator, at first, in the flesh of a cantaloupe, and later, in a cold hard-boiled egg. After 75 trains of 10H z, 4 second trains, at 100% of machine output, in neither case could we perceive any movement of these objects.
  • This backyard experiment suggests we may have been worrying unduly about the danger of disturbing intracranial titanium clips with TMS, but sophisticated studies are indicated.


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