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Adsorption refrigerator

posted on 2023-05-25, 07:02 authored by Saha, BB, Koyama, S, Kashiwagi, T, Akisawa, A, Ng, KC, Xiaolin WangXiaolin Wang, Gao, L, Chakraborty, A

Problems: An adsorption refrigerator capable of being easily operated, having a simple structure, and low in costs.

Means for Solving Problems: The adsorption refrigerator has two adsorption/desorption devices, a condenser, and an evaporator and is operated by causing operation refrigerant to flow, wherein a valve having inside a piston valve body sliding by the pressure difference between the inner pressure of a first of the adsorption/desorption devices and the inner pressure of the second adsorption/desorption device is placed in the refrigerator and a refrigerant channel is opened and closed using the valve. The piston valve body moves automatically depending on the magnitude of the pressure difference to open and close the channel.



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