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A comparative study of approaches to learing [i.e. learning] of Chinese background students from mainland China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore in Australian educational discourse

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posted on 2023-05-26, 18:34 authored by Li, S
The aim of this PhD research is to uncover different Chinese nationals' approaches to learning with a view to enhancing their learning efficiency as well as informing approaches to Australian course design and delivery. In a broader sense, this research aims to explore the national identities of Chinese students from differing backgrounds (mainland China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore). Quantitative and qualitative approaches were used in this study. 179 Chinese students at two Australian universities participated in the questionnaire of OECD model with a focus on learning strategies, motivation, self-related beliefs and learning preferences. Several students participated individually in an interview. According to the findings, there was a consistency among Chinese students of different regions in their views and behaviours about their approaches to learning in tertiary education in Australia. However there were also some differences in regards to the use of some learning strategies. For example, Mainland Chinese students strongly valued the function of understanding in learning and the use of elaboration strategies. They also showed more instrumental motivation than interest compared to other groups. Hong Kong students strongly favoured memorization strategies in the belief that repetition could improve understanding. The analysis of the interview data gave important insights about their views on learning, national identity, and academic achievement.


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