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A physicochemical and microbial study of two meromictic lakes in south-west Tasmania, with observations on Australian Chrysophytes

posted on 2023-05-27, 00:44 authored by Croome, RL
Lake Fidler and Sulphide Pool are small, dystrophic, meromictic lakes adjacent to the Gordon River in South-west Tasmania. Partitioning between upper and lower waters is very distinct in both lakes, and a stratification of microorganisms is situated about a particularly abrupt redoxcline at around three metres depth in Lake Fidler and two metres depth in Sulphide Pool. A special close-interval sampler was developed specifically to sample the fine zonation of these organisms. The microbial stratification in Lake Fidler comprises small flagellate algae, colourless sulphur bacteria, and green photosynthetic bacteria. In Sulphide Pool a similar stratification occurs but lacks colourless sulphur bacteria. Extremely large standing crops of photosynthetic bacteria are present in the two lakes, and the algae of the stratified communities are also present in large numbers, particularly in Sulphide Pool. The organisms of the microbial arrays which photosynthesise do so at very low levels of red light. The physicochemical limnology of the lakes, structure of the microbial stratifications, and the taxonomy, ecology and physiology of the organisms within them, are described.. Many of the organisms present in the surface waters of the two lakes are Chrysophytes. This group of algae has not been studied previously in Australia, and the large number of Chrysophytes discovered in Lake Fidler and Sulphide Pool prompted an Australia-wide survey of these organisms. Three new Chrysophytes are described, and many more are reported for the first time in the southern hemisphere.


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Copyright 1984 the Author - The University is continuing to endeavour to trace the copyright owner(s) and in the meantime this item has been reproduced here in good faith. We would be pleased to hear from the copyright owner(s). Appendix V appears to be a pre-print of an article finally published as: RL Croome and PA Tyler, 1985, Structure and ecology of the flagellate Scourfieldia caeca (Korsh.) Belcher & Swale in two meromictic lakes in Tasmania, Australian Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 36(3) 413 - 419 with the DOI 10.1071/MF9850413 Appendix VI appears to be a post-print of and article finally published as: Roger L. Croome, Peter A. Tyler, 1984, The Microanatomy and ecology of ‚ÄövÑv=Chlorochromatium aggregatunf in two meromictic lakes in Tasmania, Journal of general microbiology, 130, 2717-2723 with the DOI 10.1099/00221287-130-10-2717 AppendixVII appears to be a pre-print of an article finally published as: Croome, R., D‚àö¬¿rrschmidt, M. & Tyler, P. 1985, A light and electron microscopical investigation of Mallomonas splendens (G. S. West) Playfair (Mallomonadaceae, Chrysophyceae), Nova Hedwigia 41: 463‚Äö-8. AppendixVII appears to be the pre-peer reviewed version of the following article: D‚àö¬¿rrschmidt, Monika, Croome, Roger, 1985, Mallomonadaceae (Chrysophyceae) from Malaysia and Australia, Nordic Journal of Botany, 5(3) 285-298, which has been published in final form at 10.1111/j.1756-1051.1985.tb01657.x. This article may be used for non-commercial purposes in accordance with Wiley Terms and Conditions for Self-Archiving.

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