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A survey and synthesis of the literature available on anxiety and strategies with coping with anxiety in relation to the musical performer

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posted on 2023-05-26, 16:43 authored by Leonard, IJ
The desire to undertake this specific research project stems from my interest, as a musician, a wind player, of the effect of nerves and anxiety in musical performance and more importantly, in the current coping strategies that are suggested and detailed in the available literature. The aim of the project is to develop a sound knowledge of this topic, of dealing with musical performance anxiety by reading, understanding and then providing a detailed survey and synthesis of what I consider to be the most current and relevant material available. This study will provide simple and concise overviews of a number of current theories and the best strategies to be adopted to cope with anxiety when faced with a musical performance. Nearly all musicians will have to perform at some stage, and most of them will experience some degree of anxiety along with performance. Therefore, it is imperative that those of them that do experience any of the; ‚Äöphysiological; ‚Äöcognitive; ‚Äöbehavioural; and ‚Äöpsychological symptoms of anxiety are aware of and able to adopt the relevant coping strategies to eliminate or at least reduce performance anxiousness. I hope, by this project to gain a knowledge in this area, and having gained this knowledge I hope to be able to evaluate the different studies and approaches and then, in my own performances adopt those that I feel are the most appropriate.


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