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A systematic review of indigenous caregiver functioning and interventions

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posted on 2023-05-27, 09:42 authored by Hokanson, L
The global population is aging with concomitant and exponential growth in chronic, degenerative illnesses that require long-term intervention and support. The majority of these support needs are met by informal family caregivers. While there have been three decades of research focusing on caregivers generally, the extent to which research has focused on indigenous caregivers is unclear. Worldwide, indigenous peoples face severe economic and health disadvantages that may make them even more vulnerable to the negative aspects of informal caregiving. The current systematic review aimed to synthesize the extant literature on indigenous caregiver functioning and the interventions that are efficacious in alleviating indigenous caregiver distress. Inclusion criteria were peer-reviewed quantitative studies examining indigenous caregiver functioning or evaluating indigenous caregiver interventions. A total of 892 records were located; however only five studies met the inclusion criteria. Four of the five studies contained numerous methodological weaknesses that compromised the reliability and credibility of their findings. Future research in this area would benefit from greater adherence to the standards of research that contribute to a strong and reliable evidence base.


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