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Agrarian legislation and rural society in Uttar Pradesh, India : an historical study with especial reference to the period 1921-1958

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posted on 2023-05-27, 16:17 authored by Reeves, PD
There is no one great \Indian Land Problem\". Rather there are a variety of problems which centre about the owning and working of agricultural land in India. This study is concerned with a portion of one of them: the social aspects of the agrarian problem. That is to say the interest here is in the relations between men which grew around the ownership of landed property. No attention is therefore given directly to the agricultural problem or the economic legal administrative or political aspects of the agrarian problem. They are not completely ignored of course - that would be impossible - but matters such as productivity land use rural debt inheritance laws and fragmentation; consolidation and the political use of the 'land question' are discussed only when they actually intrude into the social sphere. The study is also limited to that part of the north Indian plain which has been successively known since the eighteenth century as Avadh the North-Western Provinces and Oudh the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh and Uttar Pradesh. And even within that area it is limited to the reasonably homogeneous expanse of the Gangetic alluvial plain and leaves aside the politically akin but geographically dissimilar districts of the Himalayan foothills. With regard to names particularly Avadh for Oudh Kanpur for Cawnpore and Banaras for Benares I have conformed to modern Indian practice except where the anglicised version appears in a title or in a quotation."


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