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Allocation of areas for marine farming in Tasmania

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posted on 2023-05-27, 00:56 authored by Coleman, Mark Urlwin
This thesis evaluates the procedures used by the Tasmanian Government to dedicate parts of the marine environment for marine farming purposes, and shows that the process potentially favours the formation of marine farms at the expense of the other users of the marine environment. Furthermore, the Tasmanian Department of Sea Fisheries, which grants marine farming leases and permits and adjudicates over appeals, is also responsible for the promotion and development of marine farming in Tasmania. Due to the rapid expansion of marine farming in the State, it is argued that the Department will be increasingly less able to resist pressure to allocate areas of the sea that are better suited for public rather than private use. The thesis identifies the vesting of parts of the sea as special marine farming areas by the Lands Department in the Department of Sea Fisheries as the point where Crown Land is designated for exclusive private use. A case study of eight marine farming areas in southern Tasmania supports the view that inadequate consideration was given to the public amenity. The thesis argues that the State Government has abrogated its responsibilities, and must develop a mechanism for safeguarding the public interest. The best prospects for a just system rest with the Lands Department before areas are designated for marine farming.


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