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An analysis of the stag beetle genus lissotes in Tasmania

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posted on 2023-05-26, 19:39 authored by Fernandez, Katrina
Little is known about the extraordinarily rich Tasmanian beetle genus Lissotes, belonging to the ancient Stag Beetle family Lucanidae. No less than 25 described species are known to be endemic to Tasmania, with three species known in Victoria. In Tasmania a number of rare Lissotes beetles are threatened due to land clearing, including forest practices and other anthropogenic effects. Potential forestry threats to one species, L. latidens, are subject to current challenge in the Federal Court. The present taxonomy of the genus dates back to the last century and is based on a limited range of morphological characters. Some of these characters such as mandible size are sex-linked, subject to allometry, and are otherwise unreliable. My research aimed to bring modem methods of species discrimination to bear on this question. This study involved using a new suite of morphological characters (e.g. labrum and scutellum) as well as DNA molecular sequence data (Cytochrome b gene). However, technical difficulties precluded good resolution in the DNA data but new insights were gained from the morphological research. These DNA approaches deserve further investigation in the future. The study also provided an overview of the biology and distribution of the species. In doing so a more comprehensive understanding of the genus has been provided which will aid in future conservation efforts.


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