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An assessment of commercial use of Wellington Park, Tasmania

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posted on 2023-05-26, 18:56 authored by Moreno, TN
Ecotourism is a growing industry and Tasmania is an ideal destination as it offers a number of experiences within the state. Close to the capital city Hobart is Wellington Park where there are opportunities to participate in a wide range of recreational activities. However, little research has been undertaken on tourism in Wellington Park. The aim of this research was to determine the types of commercial users of Wellington Park, assess how these businesses use the Park and determine how the Park will be potentially used in the future. In depth key informant interviews were conducted with commercial operators who lead tours in Wellington Park. Participants were asked questions regarding their use of the Park, client statistics, their perceptions of tourism, and how their business operates. Meetings with government managers that oversee use of Wellington Park took place to obtain a balanced view of tourism in the Park. The study found that summer is the peak season to attract clients, tours are catered towards a certain client demographic, the businesses operate in the Park due to its close proximity to the city, and because it offers a diverse range of recreational opportunities, and there is a disconnect of engagement with Park managers and commercial operators. These businesses do not have large numbers of tourists in their excursions therefore do not solely rely on the Wellington Park tours to sustain their business. Increased development of facilities and maintenance of infrastructure may attract more commercial operators to conduct their operations in Wellington Park.


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